Cole Creativity

summer camp 2020!

 Cole Creativity Camp is an immersive multi-performing arts exploration of hip hop, Brazilian & contemporary dance, music, capoeira martial arts, live percussion, digital beat making, visual art & costume design!
While learning traditional moves and histories of multiple street dance styles from around the world, including the Bay Area, campers each develop unique expressions and skills musically, kinesthetically, athletically, emotionally and intellectually. We make sure to meet each individual at their level and challenge him or her in new creative directions and abilities. At Cole Camp students bring imaginative ideas into tangible, shareable form both in live performance and in the digital landscape
Each camper receives personalized attention to guide their creativity in ways that are intuitive to him or her and we reinforce that there aren't any right or wrongs in expressing oneself through art, but rather a diverse spectrum of expression and abilities. Imagination is a tool of infinite possibilities that will help them excel in anything they pursue in life along with the mental and physical technique to make manifest.

FOUR One-Week Sessions. Varying themes/lessons each week!

Week 1: June 1-5

Week 2: June 8-12

Week 3: June 15-19
Week 4: June 22-26




9A.M. - Noon

Recommended for 5-12




*Multi-week discounts

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Hip Hop &

Brazilian Dance, CapoeiraPercussive Music, Arts & Crafts!



 - Student showcase each Friday 

- Creative drama and improvisation


- Lots of outdoor playtime at our beautiful and
safe Montclair school campus

- Small camp size (15-20 campers), nourishing attention to every kid

- Multiple professional educators 

- Always something new to learn and improve upon no matter age.


- Sibling and multi-week discounts


- Great for beginners as well as more
experienced performers and athletes


- High energy fun with down time in a 

low-stress environment

- Storytelling last half hour of each day

- Student diversity

- Uplifting energy through dane, music, sports and art making.



20-30 minute student showcase every Friday at 3:30pm!



 Dance & Capoeira

- Freestyle games

- Partner & small group activities

- Dance battles

- Tumbling on padded mats

- Choreography


Drumming & Beat Making

- Percussion

- Beat making with drum machine and live recordings (samples) that campers create and dance to.

- Writing poetry/raps for beats


Arts & Crafts

- Instrument Making

- Painting

- Costume & Prop Making

- Percussive instruments

- Individual toys



- Two 15-20 minute breaks 

- 1-hour lunch break

- Soccer, basketball, frisbee, jungle gym, hoola hoops, jumprope

Movement & Music

Campers learn many ways to move their bodies. Lessons include hip hop and break dance moves, Afro-Brazilian, contemporary-ballet, capoeira martial arts. Students play a variety of instruments learning various rhythms, while also learning about beat-making, sampling their voices and environments to create original music. We will collectively design a new beat each week!

Arts & Crafts

Create visual art and craft projects from a variety of materials including recycled items, markers, paint, strings, beads and more! Students will create their own decorated drums and costumes such as bracelets and headpieces.

Imaginative, Thoughtful, Energetic, Professional

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