Online Hip Hop Creative Dance Classes Via Zoom

Ages 5-7 (grades K-2nd): Mondays noon PST starting December 21st 2020.

Ages 7-10 (grades 2nd-5th) Thursdays at 1p.m. starting January 7th 2021.

Middle School (grades 6th-8th) Fridays at 1p.m. (tentative)

These days you can learn dance or fitness online from just about anywhere. André brings a fresh take and decades of experience on the intersections of movement, music, fitness and holistic wellness. From hip hop to contemporary-ballet to capoeira and more, André tailors each lesson to what the student(s) enjoy the most without daunting memorization of moves. Students learn new ways to control their bodies in response to the music while discovering unique creativity to express any feeling or idea. Students are guaranteed to improve energy levels, movement quality, proprioception, knowledge happiness and more every session!

Incorporating a wide range of strategies from structured technical lessons to freestyle expression and movement games makes every lesson new, while building upon prior ones. No matter the lesson, students train and connect the body and mind in fun, challenging and energetically uplifting ways! Dance isn't solely about technique and memorization of moves, but about connecting, communicating and expressing through the music and with one another.


Whether a kid or adult you'll feel creatively challenged within your natural abilities and stay inspired to consistently improve. Learn to embrace your one-of-a-kind vessel even more by expanding your imagination and understanding of the languages of movement, music and self-expression.


Learn fundamentals of creative ways to moves the body plus hip hop street dance styles from around the U.S. and traditional techniques including ballet, modern, jazz, Afro-Brazilian Samba & Capoeira. Students learn also learn about cultural history, community and self care by way of stretching, strength and visualization.


Exercise: muscle control & awareness (proprioception), increased heart rate, develop coordination, timing, balance, speed, power, flexibility, agility. Coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance and more.

Stress Relief: A great way to tune into uplifting emotional, mental and physical states. Release stuck energy and create new exciting energy that'll boost your mood!

Freestyle: Pro level multi-technique and instructor with 10 years professional performing experience. The art of freestyle is learning to be completely free in the moment in a flow state. Reinforcing moves that feel go to you rather than ones that I or society like. No matter how difficult, I will guide you to find your unique groove!

Choreography: Have you ever wanted to learn choreography you saw on video? Send me a video of a performance or music video and I'll teach a lesson around each move and routine.

Imaginative, Thoughtful, Energetic, Professional

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