Three 2-Week Sessions

Session 1: June 1st - 12th

Session 2: June 15th - 26th

Session 3June 29th - July 10th


Montclair Elementary School

Auditorium, Classroom, Playground 


9A.M. - 3.PM

(Extended care available 8am - 6pm) @$7/hr due last day


Recommended for 5-12 


 - Full length evening production

- Theater games

- Creative drama and improvisation


- Lots of outdoor playtime at our beautiful and
safe Montclair school campus

- Small camp size (12-20 campers)


- Student diversity 


- Sibling and multi-session discounts


- Camp is great for beginners as well as more
experienced performers


- Fun, relaxed, low-stress environment

- Safe, secure, spacious campus


Two-week sessions recommended for full curriculum including stage performance 

one-week option also available. See performance details below.





Partial scholarships & payment plans available

Please contact Andre at


1-week campers: Mini showcase 15-20 minutes on Friday 1st week of each session in classroom

2-week campers (full session): 30-40 minute performance on 2nd Friday of each session on stage

*Performance will be filmed and sent to families! 



 Dance & Capoeira

- Freestyle games

- Partner & small group activities

- Dance battles

- Basic gymnastics on mats

- Choreography


Drumming & Beat Making

- Percussion

- Beat making with drum machine and live recordings (samples) that campers create and dance to.

- Writing poetry/raps for beats


Arts & Crafts

- Collage

- Painting

- Costume & Prop creation

- Percussive instruments

- Individual toys



- Two 15-20 minute breaks 

- 1-hour lunch break

- Soccer, basketball, frisbee, jungle gym, hoola hoops, jumprope

Dance & Music

Learn hip hop dance styles, capoeira martial arts and drum rhythms. Students play a variety of instruments and drum machines. While learning about beat-making, sampling their voices and environments. We will collectively design a new beat each week!

Arts & Crafts

Create visual art and craft projects from a variety of materials including recycled items, markers, paint, strings, beads and more! Students will create their own decorated drums and costumes such as bracelets and headpieces.

Curriculum & Philosophy

By combing art mediums, students balance between active movement, music making, art and free play. 

They develop kinesthetic, musical, and social-emotional skills by engaging in improv dance, theatrical games, dance battles, choreography and more!  

Lessons activities are presented to nurture kids innate creativity and teach values of respect, originality and authentic self-expression, giving them tools to confidently communicate non-verbally, think critically and solve problems imaginatively.

Hip hop is the cultural lens and movement practice through which kids explore the relationship between movement and sound. Students learn about the history of hip hop from the 1970’s to present day encompassing music, dances and social movements that evolved into a global community.


They learn about styles including pop n’ lock and breakdancing from the Bronx, TURF dancing from the Bay Area, Jookin from Memphis and more - giving historical context for moves popular with the youth today. Students practice foundational movements including body isolations, footwork and arm patterns, coordination, momentum, power, balance, strength & flexibility. And about musicality, rhythm, rhyme, melody, cadence etc. They'll improve auditory and visual focus enabling them to be more aware, conscious and reflective.

Students are encouraged to implement other movement practices too including ballet, jazz, gymnastics, sports, martial arts, etc. all of which Andre is well versed in. They won't be simply learning dance moves, but engaging in the creative process remix foundational steps into their own unique moves and styles.

Our goal is to offer children a fun experience through movement, music and visual arts in ways that engage them as creative and critical thinkers, movers, listeners, musicians and artists of all kinds.


This year we are offering 3 sessions (2 & 1 week options), which combine dance lessons, movement improvisation, non-competitive games, friendly competition dance battles, beat & video making, and arts and crafts projects. Individual expression is encouraged and collaboration cultivated. 

Campers at any dance, music or artistic level will be sure to evolve their expressive craftiness through visual, auditory and kinesthetic means. All campers learn new skills in dancing, percussion/drumming and visual arts!

The skills developed through visual, musical and movement arts helps children explore their creativity by making cool things out of ordinary materials, and by building the confidence needed to problem solve and find appreciation in anything.

"Art encourages children to think, developing skills and confidence as they go."

  - MaryAnn F. Kohl & Barbara Zabarouwski

We believe in encouraging students to explore limits and take chances, by using the world around them to create stories, while building spacial awareness through kinesthetic activities.

Curating the polymath in childhood curiosity and imagination