Personal Fitness Training in Person or Online

Our health is the single most important thing, particularly in this pandemic.

Exercise should be fun, liberating and empowering, not strenuous and mentally taxing. 

André tailors training sessions to your goals, focusing on optimizing postural alignment, alleviating joint aches and muscle tension, stabilizing core mobility/flexibility.

Exercise: Develop muscle control & awareness (proprioception), increased heart rate, develop coordination, timing, balance, speed, power, flexibility, agility. Coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance and more.

Stress Relief: A great way to tune into uplifting emotional, mental and physical states. Release stuck energy and create new exciting energy that'll boost your mood!

TRX: Pro level multi-technique and instructor with 10 years professional performing experience. The art of freestyle is learning to be completely free in the moment in a flow state. Reinforcing moves that feel go to you rather than ones that I or society like. No matter how difficult, I will guide you to find your unique groove

Resistance Bands: Attach to door, tree, fence and more for resistance and stability training.

Body Weight: Exercises can be performed at home at a park etc. Also use TRX trainer to lift and stabilize body weight.

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