Offering children a fun and inspiring experience through movement, music and visual arts in ways that engage them as creative and critical thinkers, movers, listeners, musicians and artists of all kinds.


Lessons and classes improve movement improvisation, non-competitive games, friendly competition dance battles, choreography, fitness exercises and stretches, beat making and arts & crafts projects.


Individual expression is encouraged and collaboration cultivated. Campers at any dance, music or artistic level will evolve through visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities. By combing art mediums, students balance their energy throughout the day between active movement, playing music, art making and free play time. Lessons are presented to nurture kids innate creativity and teach values of respect, originality and authentic self-expression, giving them tools to confidently communicate non-verbally, think critically and solve problems imaginatively.

Hip hop is the cultural lens and movement practice through which kids explore the relationship between movement and sound. Students learn about the history of hip hop from the 1970’s to present day encompassing music, dances and social movements that evolved into a global community.


Learn the fundamentals of several styles including breakdancing and litefeet from New York, TURF dancing from the Bay Area, Jookin from Memphis, TN and more - giving context for moves popular amongst the youth today. 


Students practice foundational movements and patterns including body isolations, footwork, coordination, power, balance, strength & flexibility. They learn also about rhythm, rhyme, melody, cadence etc. They'll improve auditory and visual focus enabling them to be more aware, conscious and reflective.

Everyone is encouraged to implement other movement practices too, including ballet, jazz, gymnastics, sports, martial arts, etc. all of which Andre is well versed in. They won't be simply learning dance moves, but engaging in the creative process to rethink and feel those moves in ways unique to each student. The skills developed through visual, musical and movement arts helps children explore their creativity by making cool things out of ordinary materials, and by building the confidence needed to problem solve and find appreciation in anything.

Imaginative, Thoughtful, Energetic, Professional

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