"Creativity is intelligence having fun!" - Einstein

Learn from experienced movement arts educator and performer André Cole in person! In this time of quarantine and online learning, André brings unique, uplifting and inspiring energy with a versatile range of lessons from dance techniques, to musicality, theatrical acting, games, strength & stretch exercises and more!

Ready to move at your pace, he offers continually challenging and ridiculously fun lessons for beginners and more advanced performers alike. Students are sure to be energized and inspired to create and evolve over time, simultaneously building self-confidence & awareness.

André helps students elevate their creative minds, movement abilities, and musical interpretations to new levels of confidence and originality. Dance and music are abundant ways of expressing oneself while having a ton of fun and improving physiological and psychological wellness.
Students learn athletic and creative techniques for improvised movement, choreography, musicality, culture and self-development through the art of hip hop and other forms of dance.
  • Multi-sensory, interactive creativity for kids entering grades K and up
  • Safe space for self-expression
  • ALL levels welcome and will develop social, creative, technical, athletic and musical skills.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body. - Martha Graham

"Art encourages children to think, developing skills and confidence as they go."

 - MaryAnn F. Kohl & Barbara Zabarouwski

What do children need most in these strange isolating quarantine times?

To move their bodies, and explore their imaginations in new ways, while bonding with friends. André guides students through technique, rhythm, acting and more through movement storytelling and musical interpretation. Lessons flow according to what the children connect with most, never forcing anything, yet encouraging everythingStudents develop their self-confidence, self-awareness, proprioception and athleticism.

Lessons are structured to go at the students pace, allowing them to learn something exciting and challenging enough to keep them practicing. They'll build upon new skills each lesson, develop their own dance moves and choreography, all while getting a great mental and physical workout.

André encourage students to explore limits and take chances by using the world around them to create stories, while developing kinesthetic and emotional awareness. The many benefits of moving our body to melodies and beats is an exceptional way to create physical and psychological relief and stability.

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