Now live-streaming hip hop creative dance classes for kids live through zoom! Average donation is $5-$15. Support a local artist committed to childhood creativity in his Bay Area community and now nationally via internet.
Click HERE to pre-register for class on Monday at 2pm!
Dance and music are abundant sources of fun, physical wellness, stress relief, psychological stability and much more. These benefits of moving bodies to beats is exceptional and can be enjoyed anywhere by all, while growing a strong mind-body-soul connection.  
André is a life-long creative committed to educating and encouraging others to journey through their unique experiences and expressions. Students learn more than movements and musicality, but about cultural history, community and your inner world! André teaches dance, music and fitness classes to youth K-5 and adults around the Bay Area. His styles as a mover and musician are influenced by street dance and traditional cultures of the Bay Area,
New York, Brazil and many other techniques around the world.


What do children love to do most?

They move, make noise and messes! Humans are designed to move so we guide their abundant creative energy through movement storytelling, musical imagination and tangible art design for campers to develop self-confidence in expressing and communicating their thoughts and feelings.

We encourage students to explore limits and take chances by using the world around them to create stories, while developing kinesthetic and emotional awareness.

  • Multi-sensory, interactive  creativity for kids entering grades K-6th
  • Safe space for self-expression
  • ALL levels welcome and will develop social, creative, technical, athletic skills.
  • Curating the polymath in childhood curiosity and imagination

"Art encourages children to think, developing skills and confidence as they go."

  - MaryAnn F. Kohl & Barbara Zabarouwski

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

- Albert Einstein

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